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Join the 30,000,000 million INCELLDERM users throughout the world.
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Our Heritage

Brighten your light cells with our heritage ingredients

INCELLDERM reveals the secret of youthful cells to naturally illuminate your face. Awaken your unique radiance that's deeply hidden, and rediscover confidence.


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We only use natural ingredients raised from mother Earth.
Let nature heal your skin.

Byungpool Leaf Incellderm

ByungPool Leaf

Made by extracting only domestically sourced fresh ByungPool. It aids in soothing the skin and providing elasticity care.
Incellderm Camellia Seed Oil Ingredient

Camellia Seed Oil

Camellia Seed Oil, rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid, effectively delivers high moisturizing and nutritional benefits to the skin, promoting a radiant and smooth complexion.
Incellderm Vitamin Ingredient

Vitamin Tree Water

It is known as a botanical vitamin with high concentrations of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, providing vitality to tired skin.
8-Layered Hyaluronic Acid

8-Layered Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid, known to attract moisture 1,000 times its weight, is formulated in 8 layers to provide effective hydration and elasticity care.
incellderm ingredient mushroom

Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Extract

The patented ingredient with patent number 10-1454515 provides excellent moisturizing effects to dry skin, keeping the skin healthy.
Incellderm ingredient NBP-Complex™


Extracted through a 7-day ultrasonic maturation process, four extracts contribute to moisturizing, elasticity, and antioxidant care.
Incellderm ingredient Jeju Camellia Flower Extract

Jeju Camellia Flower Extract

Derived through eco-friendly methods with patent number 10-2121540, this ingredient maximizes plant efficacy, aiding in brightening care for radiant skin.
Incellderm Giant Byungpool

About ByungPool

The concentrated purifying power of the plant, Centella Asiatica

When a tiger was observed rolling in a Centella asiatica field to heal its wounds, it earned the name 'Tiger Grass.' In Sri Lanka, elephants consuming Centella asiatica led to its recognition as a longevity food.

The scientific name of Byungpool is Centella Asiatica, also known as Gotu Kola in India. The genus name 'Centella' originates from the Catalan language in Spain and is derived from the Latin word 'Scintilla,' meaning a spark or flash of lightning.

Centella asiatica is native to India, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Madagascar, and, in Korea, it thrives in humid areas, including Jeju Island. Known for its key components, including madecassoside, madecassic acid, and asiatic acid, Centella asiatica is recognized for its moisturizing, soothing, and antioxidant effects on the skin, making it a popular ingredient in cosmetics."

Incellderm byungpool


Incellderm byungpool

Madecassic acid

Incellderm byungpool

Asiatic acid

Incellderm byungpool


How RIMAN Utilizes Byungpool for its Skincare Products

An unprecedented method

RIMAN (Incellderm's parent company), through stringent production management and proprietary extraction techniques, utilizes locally cultivated Centella Asiatica for the core ingredient ByoungPool in Incellderm. In July 2022, Riman Korea registered the plant variety protection for the new Centella Asiatica with the Korea Forest Service, aiming to globalize BYoungPool.

RIMAN meticulously nurtures 100% domestic Centella Asiatica, selecting it based on leaf size, root growth, and various factors in the cultivation environment, such as temperature and humidity. After analyzing these factors, the Centella Asiatica is harvested precisely 45 days after reaching its peak life energy, ensuring a clean and potent raw material, ByoungPool, for Incellderm.

Incellderm Jeju Lava Energy Water

About Jeju Lava Energy Water

It's a mystical water enriched with minerals, encapsulated by the pristine volcanic rocks of Jeju for 400,000 years.

Lava seawater, created by the ancient Jeju Sea, is pure and pristine. Abundant in minerals and nutrients, this unique underground water source from Jeju boasts minimal organic matter and pathogens.

RIMAN utilizes this pristine water in its Incellderm skincare products, which no other company has access to.

riman jeju lava water

Jeju Island's Formation

1.6 Million Years Ago

riman korean skincare

Primitive Jeju Island

1,600,000 to 600,000 Years Ago

riman skincare

Coastal Zones

600,000 to 300,000 Years Ago

riman korea lava energy water

Formation of Volcanoes

25,000 Years Ago to Present

The Characteristics of Volcanic Seawater

Three Main Benefits

Encountering Pristine Energy from Ancient Times after 400,000 Years
Enjoy pure Jeju Lava Water that's filled with Pristine Energy from 400,000 years ago. Its essence is different than regular water.

Abundant Natural Mineral Essence
Enjoy distinctive resources enriched with rare minerals that can't be found in regular seawater.

Stably Maintained Safe Resource
Enjoy consistent high quality regardless of external conditions.

How Does This Benefit Me?

Your skin will be exposed to higher contents of rare, natural minerals only found near volcanic seawater. Experience change you've never had. RIMAN has exclusive rights to Jeju's lava seawater. And thus, we're the only company in the entire world who can incorporate Jeju's natural waters into its skincare products.

Incellderm Jeju Lava Energy Water Minerals


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